The Documents You Need to Form an LLC in the Republic of Moldova

Forming an LLC can protect your personal income and assets. But how do you get started, and what documents must you file to take your business to the next level?

As your business acquires employees, property, and assets of its own, it makes sense to separate your personal life from your business life. Forming an entity such as a limited liability company, or LLC, shields your personal assets from business debts and liabilities.

Let’s take a look at the business documents required to set up an LLC.

Overview: What’s an LLC?

An LLC is a legal business entity formed by one or more owners, known as members. An LLC has rights, responsibilities, debts, and assets separate from those of its owners.

An LLC is a relatively simple business structure, with profits from the business passing through to the members’ personal income based on their share of ownership. Any number of members may elect to create an LLC, and members may be added or removed as the business grows.

The documents you need to create an LLC

The following summarizes the documentation requirements for creating an LLC.

Normative regulation: art.2, art.5, art.7-15 of the Law 220/2007 regarding the state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, art.171-183 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova.

The state registration of an LLC is carried out on a working day, within 24 hours, which is calculated from the working day immediately following the one in which the documents required for registration were presented. State registration of an LLC, at the request of the applicant, can be carried out in emergency mode within 4 hours.

For the state registration of an LLC with foreign investments in the Republic of Moldova, the following documents must be submitted:

Registration request according to the model approved by the state registration body;
The extract from the register of legal entities of the country in which the legal entity with foreign investments is registered, translated, and notarized by a notary;
The incorporation documents of the foreign legal entity;
The decision of incorporation of the Limited Liability Company;
Article of association of the Limited Liability Company;
The opinion of the National Commission of the Financial Market – for insurance companies, non-state pension funds, savings, and loan associations, and in the cases established by the legislation, for non-bank lending organizations;
The document confirming payment of the registration fee;
Information about the beneficial owner, in accordance with Law no. 308/2017 on the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorist financing. The information about the beneficial owner is completed according to the model approved by the state registration body.

The second and third document must be presented in original or in copies authenticated by a notary and legalized by the consular offices of the Republic of Moldova abroad, being translated into Romanian.

The documents for the state registration of the Limited Liability Company are drawn up in Romanian and are submitted to the state registration body by the founder or by his representative, empowered by a power of attorney drawn up by a notary.

Set your business up for success

Forming an LLC is a major milestone in your company’s growth. It marks the beginning of your business as a separate entity from yourself, with assets, liabilities, and responsibilities of its own.

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